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BEN: Is there still hope

Left in this galaxy?

Many have moped

Cause of what I have been

Once again, I'm Ben Solo

I am related to heroes galore

And I'll use what I now know

To see that the First Order reigns no more

I am the son of Leia

And I am now the last Skywalker left

I must become the traitor

And end my trail of pain and death

But I'm a Solo truly

A scoundrel who ends up doing what's right

Though I may be unruly

I'll always come back to the light

Now I need to help Rey

Deal with her family

Villainy will not stay

In this galaxy

My name is Ben Solo

And know that I

No longer will follow

The dark side!

For too long, there's been darkness

I have the power to make it all end

No longer will I harness

Evil, for I will make amends

I'm gonna make Luke proud

I will finish what he started instead

And now there is no doubt

Kylo Ren is forever dead